What should an application to Aurubis include?

Above all, a CV in a tabular format is key. We're especially interested in the stages of the applicant's life. It doesn't matter if it's a school internship, managerial positions or free time activities - it's important to us what the applicant has done up to now both professionally and in his free time. Certificates may also be sent along. The applicant shouldn't forget his contact information under any circumstances.

An application should always include a convincing cover letter as well. We'd like to know why the applicant is interested in Aurubis and for which department or position he's applying and why. Goals for the next few years are also exciting to read. The cover letter should be short and to the point.

Salary expectations and notice periods are also relevant for us, especially for higher positions.

How can I find out about current vacancies at Aurubis?

Most of our vacancies are in our job market in the job offers section. Applicants can find vacancies for apprenticeships, dual study programs and entry-level positions, but also jobs for experienced applicants.

We post some of the vacancies on the local homepages only, so it's always a good idea to take a look at the site pages as well.

How can I apply once I've found a job that fits my qualifications?

For our vacancies in Germany, applicants can apply directly via our online applicant management system. Applicants are automatically transferred there when they click on the "Apply here" button in the job posting. For all other sites, the applications can be sent directly to the appropriate contacts on site by e-mail. The addresses are included in the job postings.

Applicants don't need to worry about the security of their data. This is guaranteed by SSL encryption.

How long is my information saved?

The information is deleted after the vacancy has been filled. If the applicant's profile is interesting for other vacancies, we will inform the applicant separately and ask to save the information for a longer period.

Can I apply to multiple jobs at once?

Of course. That's not a problem at all.

What should I do if I haven't found a job that fits my qualifications?

Those who are interested can send an unsolicited application at any time. In our job market, applicants can simply select the appropriate site and fill out the form.

In what language should I write my application?

The applicant should apply in the language in which the job posting is written. If a certain language is called for, this will be indicated in the posting.

What happens after I've sent my application?

The applicants receive a confirmation of receipt from us afterward. We do our best to contact each applicant again as quickly as possible to inform them about the rest of the process.

How does the application process proceed from there?

That depends on the site and the position that interests the applicant. The main component is the interviews with the HR department and the department offering the job. There is a test or an assessment center for some vacancies, but the applicants will be informed about this in advance. In some cases, we also offer a plant tour, though this isn't a part of our standard process. We try to provide the applicant with feedback as quickly as possible afterward - this is important for both sides.

Are there also phone interviews?

We prefer to interview applicants in person. However, now and then we carry out phone or video interviews, especially if the applicant is currently out of the country.

Are there any final tips for applicants?

The applicant should always keep in mind that his application is usually the first thing that we see from him. Therefore, it's especially important to leave a good first impression. The documents should be complete and error-free. Though the layout is not nearly as important as the content, the appearance of the application should be appealing and neat. It is also important for us to see that the applicant is informed about the company and the position. Of course, it's also good when the application is addressed to the right person as well.

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