Secondary school students & graduates

Aurubis - Your future starts here!

Whether you still have a few years of school left or are getting ready to graduate: at Aurubis, you have the chance to experience work life firsthand.


At our sites in Bulgaria, Germany and the Netherlands, you have the chance to choose one of several apprenticeship trades and lay the foundation for your future. Our sites in Hamburg and Lünen in particular, where we have about 70 new apprenticeships each year, are among the most significant apprenticeship providers in the region. The excellent reputation of apprenticeships at Aurubis contributes to this as well.
At Aurubis, you don't only have the option of learning an exciting trade but a chance to be taken on at the company after you've successfully completed your internship. The company's goal is to hire all of our apprentices, depending on their eligibility and the economic situation.

Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity? Then apply today! You can find open apprenticeships in our job market. The application deadline is 12 months in advance in Germany, 6 months in advance in the Netherlands and 3 months in advance in Bulgaria.


Overview of our apprenticeship trades:

  • Electronic and Automation Technician (Hamburg, Lünen)
  • Mechatronic Technician (Hamburg, Lünen)
  • Industrial Mechanic (Hamburg, Lünen, Stolberg)
  • Wholesale and Foreign Trade Clerk (Hamburg, Lünen: focus on foreign trade)
  • Warehouse Operator (Hamburg, Lünen)
  • Machinery and Equipment Operator (Hamburg, Lünen)
  • Production Specialist in Chemistry (Lünen)
  • Chemical Lab Technician (Hamburg, Lünen)
  • Process Mechanic (Netherlands, Stolberg)
  • Operating Engineer (Netherlands)
  • Industrial Clerk (Hamburg, Stolberg)
  • Industrial Electronics Technician (Stolberg)
  • Toolmaker (Stolberg)
  • Material Tester (Stolberg)
  • IT Specialist (Stolberg)
  • Mechancal Maintenance Specialist (Bulgaria)
  • Electrical Maintenance Specialist (Bulgaria)
  • Plant Mechanic (Hamburg)
  • Chemical Technician (Hamburg)
  • Harbor Logistics Specialist (Hamburg)Production Specialist in Chemistry (Hamburg)
  • Process Mechanic in the Smelting and Semis Industry (Hamburg)

School internships

Are you still going to school but would like to have a glimpse of work life? Then an internship at Aurubis is exactly the thing for you! You have the opportunity to gain insight into the company for two weeks or more. Whether in the office or directly in production - at Aurubis, you can take a look at a number of different areas. You can find information about the options and conditions for a school internship directly at the site of your choice. The contact information is listed here.

Dual study program

You want to study, but theory alone isn't enough for you? With a dual study program at our German sites, you can easily combine theory and practical training. Implementing what you've learned and working in an exciting international environment in the process - Aurubis offers you that opportunity.


Overview of our dual study programs:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in combination with mit Mechatronics (Lünen)
  • Bachelor of Arts in combination with Industrial Clerk (Lünen)
  • Industrial Clerk including Bachelor (Stolberg)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Hamburg)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics (Hamburg)

Want to know more?

Would you like to gain a first impression of Aurubis? You can participate in a plant tour at nearly all of our sites and see firsthand how copper is produced. Or take the opportunity to get to know us better at one of our events.

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